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Role of Urologist?

I am a qualified super-specialist on male genitalia. I have been treating patients with male infertility since 1988. I have been operating males for a vast array of disease entities like varicocele, obstructive azoospermia, Ejaculatory duct obstruction, Curvature of penis. I, being an expert in male infertility and my wife, Dr. Surbhi Gupta , MD-Gynaec. & Obstet., an expert in female infertility, jointly run an IVF lab with name and style of ‘UROGYN IVF CENTRE’. ‘UROGYN’ is our registered trade-mark with its own unique logo. Ours is the only centre in Delhi where experts in male and female infertility are available full-time as professionals (and owners too). For more information please log on to or

Role of Urologist?

Role of Urologist?
In India, whenever a couple finds difficulty in reproduction, they consult a gynecologist and by default, female partner is subjected to a battery of investigations. The correct approach is to evaluate the male partner at the outset. Medical basis of Infertility is more likely to be located in the male partner as compared to female. Hence, correct approach to evaluation of a couple for Infertility is to examine and evaluate Male Partner before the Female. And, a Urologist is the best person to attend an Infertile Male. I have been treating patients of male Infertility since 1988.

Facilities available with me are:-

  • Evaluation of Male Partner:- I am, being an experienced urologist, the right person to scientifically evaluate an Infertile Male. I have been doing it for decades
  • Varicocele Surgery:-:- Varicocele is a very common entity affecting semen quality and causing Inferility. A number of procedures are done to treat Varicocele. Best option is Micro-Surgical Varicocelectomy which carries highest success rates with least complication rate. The procedure is technically more demanding as compared to other simpler procedures.
  • Vas Recanalization:-:- Procedure is restoration of patency of vas in an infertile male who has previously undergone vasectomy. The demand arises in cases of re-marriage or if the only child is lost due to any reason.
  • Vaso-Epididymal Anastomosis:-:- I have done this procedure in past, but, now I do not recommend it. I haven’t seen satisfactory results with this procedure in my hands as well as in the hands of other urologists.
  • Semen Processing:-:- I have a dedicated semen processing laboratory
  • Testicular Biopsy:-:- It is a diagnostic procedure used to ascertain the root cause of male Infertility. It is not to be done in isolation. It should be done only in a lab facilities for freezing are available. I don’t do a purely diagnostic biopsy. Rather, I go for mTESE + sperm freezing.
  • PESA:-:- Percutaneous Sperm Aspiration has been used in past, but, now it has been discarded in favour of better procedures.
  • MESA:- :-Microsurgical Epididymal Sperm Aspiration is done in case a dilated epididymal tubule is located on opening the scrotal sac. In a such a situation, quality of sperms produced is better than the sperms obtained directly from testis. I always prefer MESA if the situation permits.
  • TESA:- Testicular Sperm Aspiration is simple needle aspiration of testicular contents. The procedure is too primitive to be recommended in today’s time and I have discarded it.
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