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Sex is an important part of life and it is everyone’s right to enjoy a sexual relationship. When an organic disorder interferes with an individual’s ability to enjoy sex, it is the responsibility of urologist to help restore the sexual relationship. Most of the time, the patient doesn’t know whom to consult for his problem. These patients remain in the hands of quacks, so called sexologists. Andrology (a sub-specialty of urology) is the branch of science which deals with these disorders. Sexual impotence has been one of those hidden conditions which have been ignored due to shyness on the part of the patient. It is quite unacceptable to ignore an organ failure, so why the penis? Impotence is a not a taboo; it is a disease. It can be due to a number of factors ranging from psychological, neurological, hormonal, vascular (e.g. diabetes mellitus, trauma) and drug-induced (anti-hypertensives). Most of these disease entities are treatable. A patient of impotence needs to be subjected to a battery of tests including hormonal analysis, Doppler ultrasound etc. to find out the exact nature of defect so that a scientific treatment can be instituted. With the better understanding of the genesis and mechanism of impotence, a number of medicines have been devised to handle these situations and fortunately, these drugs are quite effective. With further knowledge of anatomy of penis and its physiology, a whole range of surgical procedures including various penile prostheses are available with the help of which now it is always possible to restore potency to a frustrated male.

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